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This article sketches the use of a Joomla "Category Blog" to deliver news items to website visitors. There are many selectable options and the template is fairly easily modifed so you can deliver your information almost any way you want.

One good approach, good because it doesn't cost much at first, is to goof around with the available options and formats until what you want to accomplish and want material you might want to include becomes clear, and then to make template modifications, if necessary, to deliver that information in an appreling manner.

These saqmple articles can be edited under the Articles tab -- filter just the News items using the "Category" drop-down. To add a new Article to the news section, just create a new article with the category "News". The new article will show up at the bottom of the page -- that order can be changes anytime.

There is gibberish after the "read more" link -- this is just to show you what it does.

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State of the States - What's new?


Data Brief on the state of system rebalancing outcomes in Illinois! View and download entire brief here.  

Brief 3                                                             





 Both the "Create a Chart" (total of 18 interactive charts) and "State Profiles" are updated with 2015 data. Enjoy.

A New Survey. We now have a brief survey when you access our Website. The survey software records each URL, so you will not need to complete the survey more than once (per device). The survey data will be summarized, and posted on our Website.

In the last study, we collaborated with AIDD and with the other Project of National Significance (PNS) Longitudinal Data Collection projects in the production of "one-pagers" for each state. Follow this link to those "one-pagers."


The State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: 2017

Our New AAIDD book presenting fiscal years 2014 and 2015 data is available!
Contact us about obtaining a copy of the new publication directly from AAIDD.

SOS17 front cover color 002

Our previous publication,

The State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Emerging from the Great Recession. Washington, DC: American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2015.

On the State of the States Twitter, you can see pictures and follow links about the distribution of copies of the 2015 State of the States book to members of Congress. Thanks to AUCD, The Arc and Kim Musheno! Thanks to Kim and her colleagues for disseminating copies of The State of the States to Congress!


Testimony to the Federal Commission on Long-Term Care

Dr. David Braddock provided testimony to the federal Commission on Long-Term Care on the topic: "Populations in Need of LTSS and Service Delivery Issues." The testimony can be viewed at: presentation slides, written testimony, and the Commission Final Report to Congress.

Fake News Item #2


What's New?

We are in the process of updating our website to present 2011 data, an update from the 2009 data previously available. There are three components to the website update: First, we have announced the availability of our new State of the States monograph: State of the States in Developmental Disabilities 2013: The Great Recession and Its Aftermath. Second, we have updated our "Create A Chart" presentations to incorporate 2011 data, and in addition, we have added 3 new Create a Chart options. Third, we will soon complete a new 6-page State-by-State chart series with 2011 data, replacing the previous 2-page charts that presented 2009 data.

We welcome your feedback on the new Create a Chart data and three new chart options and the new 6-page chart series for 2011. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..